Please note that the deadline for applying to West Point Grey Academy for the 2020-2021 school year has passed. Visit our website in September to complete an application for the 2021-2022 school year.


1. Explore our Website
Explore our website to learn more about our school mission, vision and values. Discover our signature programs, cocurricular opportunities and more. 
2. Visit our Campus  
Due to the global health crisis and school closure, there will be no tours in Spring 2020. Please continue to check our website for updated tour information; we hope to resume school tours in September 2020. 
3. Submit an Application  
Create an online account and submit an application and supporting documents. If you previously opened an account and have forgotten your login information, contact the Enrollment Office. Please do not create a new account.

4. Take an Assessment 
All students are invited to take an assessment. This helps us get to know each applicant and determine their academic strengths, social readiness, and potential for success at our school. Assessments are grade-specific and review a student’s numeracy, literacy and social skills. Along with the application form, report card(s) and reference letters, the assessment helps us gain insight into a student’s readiness and fit for WPGA.
5. Attend an Interview
Following the assessments, shortlisted students will be invited for a family interview with a member of our Enrollment Team. The purpose of the interview is for us to get to know each other and to provide an opportunity for families to ask any questions. 
6. Receive Notification of Decision 
Every family will be notified of our decision of enrollment by a particular date, which varies by grade. Families will be contacted by phone with an offer of enrollment or contacted by email to indicate they are on the waitlist or are not being considered at this time.

To accept an offer and secure placement, parents are asked to submit our Enrollment Contract, the new student entrance fee, and a deposit toward the following year's tuition.

If you have any questions, please contact the Enrollment Team
Enrollment Committee
The Enrollment Committee, chaired by Paul Leslie, Director of Enrollment, consists of the Head of School and members of the Junior and Senior School Leadership Teams. Committee members review applications, participate in interviews and contribute to the admission decision-making process.

No Gifts Policy 
The West Point Grey Academy Enrollment Office has a no-gifts policy. We respect the gesture of appreciation; however, we do not accept donations/gifts of any kind from prospective families.

West Point Grey Academy招生办有不收礼物的规章制度。本校非常感谢申请者对学校的敬意,但我校不接受任何申请者家庭的捐献与馈赠。