List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Who is the ideal WPGA student?

    There is no ideal WPGA student, as all children have talents and ideas that could contribute to our school. Students who are curious, who want to get involved in school life and who have a love of learning thrive at West Point Grey Academy. We seek to enroll students and families who demonstrate the interest and ability to contribute to our school’s mission of "Shaping Lives of Inquiry, Action and Joy." 
  • Q. Where are you located?

    West Point Grey Academy is at 4125 West 8th Avenue. You can enter our campus from 8th Avenue or from 4th Avenue. If attending a tour, enter the campus from 8th Avenue and turn right at the first parking lot. Walk up the path to the Junior School or Senior School.  
  • Q. When can I apply?

    We accept applications one year in advance. For example, the application deadline for 2021-2022 is November 1, 2020.
  • Q. I previously applied but have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    If you have applied in the past but have forgotten your password or see that your account is locked, do not open a new account. Instead, please contact the Enrollment Office for assistance. 
  • Q. What are your intake grades?

    We accept applications for all grades, but our main intake years are junior kindergarten, kindergarten, grade 1, grade 4 and grade 8. 
  • Q. What if my child cannot attend their assessment?

    Assessment dates are posted September 1 to provide families with sufficient notice to make arrangements for the assessment day. However, if your child lives in Vancouver and falls ill on the assessment day, please contact the Enrollment Office to arrange an alternative assessment date.
  • Q. Is preference given to siblings of current students or children of alumni? 

    We value our families’ commitment to have their children attend the same school. Provided a sibling or a child of a WPGA graduate meets our admission requirements, they may be given priority. 
  • Q. Do you accept international students?

    WPGA welcomes applications from international students. Families who do not have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status are considered international. International students must live locally with at least one of their parents.
    WPGA requires that at least one parent of international and out-of-province students possess a valid work or study permit and that the permit does not expire during the enrollment period. In other words, parents must submit a valid work permit or valid study permit prior to enrollment and the document must not expire between the start of school in September of any year and June of the following year. 
  • Q. Do you accept students for short-term visits?

    We do not accept students for short-term visits.
  • Q. How competitive is it to get into West Point Grey Academy?

    We are pleased that so many families feel that WPGA would be a good fit for their family. This means that we receive far more applications each year than there are spaces available. Also, some grades are not entry years, which limits our opportunity to enroll students, and we prioritize enrollment for siblings of current students.  Yet, although there are limited spaces, we do hope families who would like to join our WPGA community submit an application for consideration. 
    For all families who apply to WPGA, we are committed to an admission process that is welcoming, fair and inclusive. We respect your interest in our school and are committed to ensuring your experience with WPGA is positive and professional. We abide by the NAIS Principles of Good Practice and the AISAP Ethical Behavior and Best Practices for Admission Professionals. 
  • Q. Do you provide financial assistance?

    We currently offer up to three scholarships annually to First Nations students and three merit-based entrance scholarships to grade 8 applicants. 
  • Q. Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes. WPGA offers three $1,000 Grade 8 entrance scholarships and three full-tuition First Nations Legacy scholarships.
  • Q. I'd like to make a donation to WPGA. Can I give to the school during the application/enrollment process?

    The West Point Grey Academy Enrollment Office has a no-gifts policy. We respect the gesture of appreciation; however, we do not accept donations/gifts of any kind from prospective families.

    West Point Grey Academy招生办有不收礼物的规章制度。本校非常感谢申请者对学校的敬意,但我校不接受任何申请者家庭的捐献与馈赠。
  • Q. Do you have before or afterschool care programs?

    Our afterschool care program (kindergarten–grade 7) is Monday to Friday, 3pm–5:30pm, for an additional fee. Full-time, part-time or drop-in registration is offered. 
  • Q. What are your school hours?

    The school day is 8:20am to 3:30pm (junior kindergarten ends at 3pm). Depending on their involvement in cocurricular activities, students could start their day at 7am and end at 5pm.  
  • Q. Do you have a bus service?

    We provide a morning bus service for an additional fee, with pick-ups at Douglas Park Community Centre, Kerrisdale Arena and Dunbar Lawn Bowling. The bus arrives at the school gym at 8:05am. 
  • Q. Do you have nurses on site?

    We have three nurses. Their office is open to all students during the school day. Our nurses also oversee vaccinations and teach sexual health courses with our counselling team.  
  • Q. What kind of learning support do you offer?

    The junior and senior schools have fully staffed study and resource centres to assist students at all grade and learning levels, including students with individual education plans (IEP) and those taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We also offer tutoring, note-taking and afterschool homework programs.