At WPGA, we empower our students to become the best versions of themselves. We endeavour to provide an environment where a strong academic foundation is strengthened by our commitment to character building, global awareness, outdoor education, community service and student wellness. To achieve this, we must raise funds from our community.

At independent schools, tuition and government grants pay for staff compensation and operating costs only. WPGA, like other nonprofits, must fundraise to provide enriched programs, special teaching resources and facility improvements—all of which make our school an incredible place to learn and grow.

The WPGA community has a strong culture of giving, notably through the annual Parent Volunteer Group fundraising event, the 2014–2015 We Live Here Campaign, the Shaping Lives Annual Fund and, most recently, the Financial Assistance Fund.  

Giving to WPGA helps us fulfill to our mission of Shaping Lives of Inquiry, Action and Joy. By giving to WPGA and our programs, we help shape the lives and futures of our students, helping them become community-minded leaders who care deeply about our local and global communities.