Destination Imagination Qualifies for Globals!

By Ms. Maria Izdebski, Destination Imagination Coach
This year WPGA has five teams competing in Destination Imagination, which involves challenges including fine arts, engineering, scientific, structural and improv. Following a year long commitment and an impressive performance at the regional tournament, our teams showcased their skills at the provincial tournament April 7.
After an exhausting day of singing, acting, building and balancing, all five teams qualified at provincials for the Global Finals next month in Tennessee—with two teams placing 1st, two placing 2nd and one placing 3rd. Below is a recap of the event by Mikaela Wong, member of the DIversity team.
By Mikaela Wong, Grade 8
Destination Imagination! The name pretty much sums up my experience in DI this year. Over the course of the last seven months, I have learned so much, from memorizing scripts in a few hours and designing a mechanically engineered set to growing and developing immensely as a person.
This year, our team, DIversity, proved that we can handle—quite literally—every challenge we’re faced with. DI is an activity where you get into groups and choose a “central challenge,” which you work on for six months and are presented with a mysterious instant challenge (surprise task) the day of the tournament.
I was lucky to be in a group with my buddies. This was so much fun but it involved a lot of practices dedicated to social hour—ha! We persevered anyway! At times, it was sort of like peering into the life of a teacher. Looking back, I do feel like the stress of DI was beneficial and helped me grow personally. First, it made me more responsible. I definitely have a new respect for teachers and how they have to take care of a group 24/7. Also, I learned to be efficient, as there were so many things we wanted to achieve as a group but so little time.
For the regional tournament, however, we did not plan well. But we finished our play in two days and still managed to come 5th! Provincials took place right after Spring Break, so it was hard to arrange meeting times, but two of three of us were here and had a week to actually start working. This time, Marcus and I upgraded the set from a cardboard box to a mechanically engineered set that flipped with the pull of a string. I’m very proud of our work, and we did well at provincials, placing third with a Renaissance award for our set. It was quite a shock to hear our name being announced, and I am so excited because we get to go to the Global Finals!
The next part of our journey is still undetermined but I know it will be TONS of fun. Our Destination was Imagination, but along the way, we also got to friendship, laughter, problem solving and so much more.
What an amazing adventure! Thanks to Ms. Anthony, Ms. Izdebski, Mr. Bendl, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Barnum for their coaching and support.