Grade 7 Europe Trip Highlights

By Vivian Liu, Cindy Zhu, Angela Zhou and Pippa Tomita, Grade 7
After a 9-hour flight and 1-hour bus ride, we finally arrived at the Victoria Hotel in Canterbury, England. The Victoria Hotel felt like our main home during our stay in Europe.
The first highlight of our trip was going to Dover Castle. It included an underground hospital and another underground tunnel that was used to plan Operation Dynamo. Then we walked up many spiral staircases to reach the top of Dover Castle. The view from the top was beautiful and looked over the small town.
The second highlight of our trip was going to London. The first time we went on a boat ride and learned about the city, including the Tower Bridge of London and Big Ben. We also got the chance to tour the Tower of London. We explored places such as the Crowned Jewels, the Bloody Tower, the White Tower and the Torture Chamber.
We went under the Chunnel the next day to get to Paris. It was cool to realize that we were underwater and going through the English Channel. In Paris, we got off the bus to see Notre Dame, which had just burned down. We got crêpes right away—they were delicious!   
On Tuesday, we went to Dover College to play a friendly soccer match with their students. It was nice to meet and play soccer with them. It was also fun to try to imitate their accents and they tried to imitate ours. After we played, we asked them how their school system is different from ours.
On Thursday, we went to Northbourne Park School to play another friendly match of “football,” as they like to call soccer. It was amazing to see how big the school campus was. Everyone was so welcoming when we arrived (especially Mr. Riley). After our soccer match, we had a barbeque together. We’re happy to say that we definitely met some of the nicest people there. It was one night that we will remember forever.
It was a really sad day for all of us when we got on the plane to go back to Vancouver. This was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you to Ms. Wright, Mr. Ross, Ms. Neil and Ms. Vickers for making this the best trip ever. I think it’s safe to say that everyone on this trip got out of their comfort zones. Get ready, grade 6s, for the trip of your lives next year!