AWS Educate & WPGA: Future-Focused Learning in Artificial Intelligence

By Dr. Peter Holowka, Director of Educational Technology 

A central tenet of life at WPGA is future-focused learning. At our school, we strive to prepare students for the future with authentic educational experiences that fully embrace emerging technologies. This is happening in both curricular and cocurricular programs. Amazon has recognized WPGA as an educational leader, and I am honoured to have the distinction of being selected as one of two K-12 educators in Canada to be selected for the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador program. The program mainly comrises leading postsecondary institutions from around the world.  

By being a part of the AWS Educate program, our students are allowed to work with the same powerful computational services that Amazon has developed for its own commercial purposes.  Amazon makes these cloud computing services available to businesses on a pay-per-use basis through Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a member of the AWS Educate program, WPGA students receive free access to these very same tools. 

We are proud to offer these authentic learning experiences, and to expose our students to the IT services that they will encounter should they pursue careers in the IT field.  Currently, in curricular and cocurricular programs, our students are experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning through the AWS DeepRacer program. In this program, students train algorithms for self-driving cars using the same technologies used to program factory robots. It is an exciting time in the technology field, and WPGA is at the forefront of preparing young minds to be leaders in this sector.