Lunar New Year Dragon Dances

By Mr. Lusheen Beaumont, English and Humanities Teacher, Senior School 

Capping off a successful week of Lunar New Year festivities, Intercultural Club members performed dragon dances with Mr. Lei for both the Senior School and Junior School
In Chinese culture, dragons are powerful and benevolent beings that protect the people, with dragon dances being performed during the Lunar New Year to bring rain and ensure thriving harvests in the year to come. We were so lucky that the club could offer this affirmation of cultural expression to the school as a celebration, and we are proud to recognize the following dancers: Ankita Biswas, Yufei Huang, Cadence Chua, Caitlin Leung, Rebecca Ham, Cole Chua, and Mason Chu, with Rachel Bhatia preparing the presentation and special mention to Jason C. Zhang for being extensively involved in other LNY event preparations. 

Happy Lunar New Year!