• Music is woven into subject learning from JK, with formal blocks from kindergarten and electives from grade 8.
  • Music or strings streams from grade 3; band or strings streams from grade 5.
  • Choral blocks from grade 3; program focuses on music literacy and skill refinement, with increasingly complex aural and vocal processes.
  • Concert band program progresses in instrument technique and performance competencies, with students developing advanced skills in music interpretation and design, performance analysis, sectional direction, and conducting.  
  • Orchestral strings program develops music literacy and performance skills in chamber orchestra and small ensemble environments, and includes a range of music styles. 
  • Jazz band electives from grade 11 incorporate various jazz styles; a performance elective in grade 11 offers guided independent study for high-level musicianship.  
  • Concert band club from grade 6; chamber choir, concert band, jazz band, symphony orchestra clubs from grade 8.
  • Opportunities in all grades to work with professional musicians and organizations, including the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Kiwanis Music Festival and Con Brio Music Festival.
  • Twice-yearly music concerts at all grades. 
  • Biannual trip for senior school musicians in New York City over Spring Break. 
  • Private instrument tutoring program. 

Theatre Arts

  • From JK, drama is integrated across all subjects, with an emphasis on developing students' communication, collaboration, creativity, performance and presentation skills. For example, students conduct interviews and perform skits in Socials 4 and perform monologues in dramatic intonation and period costume for Night of the Notables school presentations in English 7.  
  • In grade 6, students take a formal drama/art/robotics rotation; in grade 7, they choose two drama-related electives, such as acting, musical theatre/choreography and video production. 
  • Drama electives from grade 8 require students to direct and perform in self-authored pieces as well as those of playwrights from various periods and styles. 
  • Theatre performance and acting electives from grade 11 build mastery of acting techniques and vocal/physical expression while exploring screenplays from different historical and cultural movements.  
  • Annual senior school theatre production at the Norman Rothstein Theatre; past productions include Grease, The Ash Girl and The Man Who Came to Dinner.  
  • Musical theatre club from grade 2; movie club from grade 6; improv club from grade 8.
  • Opportunities throughout the year for audience performances and professional feedback, including participation in adjudicated competitions such as the Kiwanis Speech and Drama Arts Festival. 
  • Field trips and guest experts at all levels. 

Visual Arts & Design

  • Art is incorporated in thematic units from JK and is a formal block from kindergarten to grade 6. In grade 7, students choose two art-related electives. From grade 8, students can choose from several art electives.  
  • From kindergarten, students explore a range of art styles, materials and mediums, including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, and the connection between art and societal shifts.   
  • In grades 8 to 10, visual arts courses focus on developing the student’s artistic voice through projects that develop technical skills, conceptual approaches, and exposure to various artistic techniques.
    In grades 11 and 12, students continue to develop their visual arts repertoire in general art classes and strengthen design skills in courses such as Drafting and Design, and Drafting and Design Habitat. Architecture courses give students practical experience through model building, hand drafting and computer software.
    For students considering undergraduate art/design programs, Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in Studio Art Drawing and Art Careers, which develop a student’s personal voice and help them create a submission portfolio. Our alumni are graduates of fashion design, industrial design and architecture programs at Parson’s School of Design, Parson’s Paris, University of Arts London, Rhode Island School of Design, Emily Carr, OCAD University, SCI-Arc and other renowned institutions.
    Arts Week every spring is an opportunity for students to celebrate their work and talents at in-house art shows and to take workshops with visiting artists. Students also showcase their work at the annual ISABC Art Show, a collaboration between independent schools in Vancouver.