Teams Perform at Canadian Improv Games

By Ms. Maria Izdebski, Improv Coach

On January 25, our two junior improv teams competed at the Canadian Improv Games and earned a well-deserved 2nd and 5th place. The national competition asks teams to improvise scenes based on audience suggestions and gives them only seconds to discuss their ideas before performing a 3-minute skit in front of a live audience. For 10 of our students, this was their first time on stage in public, yet they were confident and creative. The novice team scored the highest with their character event, when they were given the trait of "polite" and planned funny scenes that involved persuading a mugger to return his stolen goods!

Both teams were thrilled with their performances and noted the supportive and friendly environment of the improv world. They can’t wait to compete again next year and are now busy planning improv shows for Arts Week and the Gala in April.