Ms. Boland Presents in Japan

By Ms. Megan MacMillan, Communications Director

Over Spring Break, Ms. Jenise Boland, social studies teacher, flew to Kobe, Japan, where she delivered papers at two conferences during the International Academic Forums (IAFOR). At the Asian Conference for Education and International Development (ACEID), Ms. Boland received the prestigious Stuart D.B. Picken Memorial ​Award along with a grant and full scholarship for her doctoral research titled 
Global Education for All (But the Teachers): Considering the Role of the Traditional Teacher in New Global Education Curriculum. A few days later, Ms. Boland attended the Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities (ACAH), where she presented her research on student engagement practices titled: Education, Entertainment, and Engagement. Both papers will appear in peer-reviewed journals this fall.  
After an epic 23-hour day of travel, Ms. Boland was happy to be back home in room 216 with her law and socials classes this week, and shared many of the ideas, presentations and research she discovered at the conferences. "For me, bringing it all back into the classroom is the best part. Hearing our grade 9 and grade 12 students debate ideas and share their insights on topics being raised at the highest academic level is an incredible thing to be part of. I'm very appreciative to work with students who continually impress and inspire me."