Vision, Mission, Values

In one word, the WPGA experience is authentic. In our supportive, family environment, students are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves. By exploring their interests and talents, asking questions, seeking connections and channelling their innate creativity, students cultivate a passion for learning that extends beyond the school day and long after graduation. A strong academic foundation is both strengthened and balanced by our commitment to character building, global awareness, outdoor education, community service and student wellness, with the aim of developing future-focused leaders who reflect our core values and who continue to embody our mission of inquiry, action and joy.

Vision: Leaders in Future-Focused Learning

Inspired by our rapidly evolving world, we are a model for schools in offering interdisciplinary, experiential programs and partnerships, with technology, entrepreneurship and global connectivity at the forefront.

Mission: Shaping Lives of Inquiry, Action and Joy

At WPGA, we focus on the individual child, the whole person and a balanced life. We give each student transformative learning experiences rooted in inquiry, shaped by action and celebrated with joy.

In nurturing their innate curiosity and the courage to ask “why,” we empower our students with both a clear sense of self and a strong sense of belonging—they become who they are and feel supported on their journey.

With the belief that action reflects character, we ensure each student has a voice for change and opportunities to lead. Quietly bold or fearlessly spirited, they become global citizens with a purpose.

By helping our students explore and develop their unique talents in academics, athletics and the arts, we enable them to experience the joy of self-discovery and shared achievements.

WPGA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Philosophy

At West Point Grey Academy, we value diversity and inclusion for many of the same reasons we value coeducation: equality, social preparation, and variety of thought and discourse. We acknowledge and appreciate our differences in all aspects, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and abilities and disabilities, and encourage expression of personal experiences and opinions so that we may better educate, lead, innovate and inspire. Our core values—globally inspired, academically innovative, character driven, community spirited and intentionally balanced—reflect our steadfast commitment to fostering diverse student and staff bodies and to ensuring that all members of our school community feel welcome, respected, and empowered to voice their perspective.

In striving to deliver a future-focused education, which is to prepare our students to succeed in a globally connected world, to develop socially conscious leaders, and to generate and implement ideas and behaviours that engage and enhance our communities, we see diversity and inclusion as the ultimate teacher. We support equal opportunity in our admission process, hiring practices, and educational and service partnerships; as such, we seek to enrol, employ and partner with the best talent based on individual merit and who complement our diverse community of continuous, compassionate learners.