School Tours
We have completed our falls tours. If you would like to visit WPGA, we encourage you to take a virtual tour or visit us this spring. Please check our website in March 2023 to register for our spring tours.   

Entry Years 
Although we accept applications for every grade, our entry years are:
  • Junior Kindergarten: 25 
  • Kindergarten: 15
  • Grade 1: 18-20
  • Grade 4: 6-8
  • Grade 8: 10-15
Coeducational Learning Environment
We are a coed, gender-inclusive school and believe this is critical not only in representing our inclusive, diverse community but also in preparing students for life. Coeducation encourages a variety of thought and discourse, promotes equality, and provides social preparation for students. 

Sibling and Alumni Applications
We value our families’ commitment to enroll their children in the same school. Provided a sibling or a child of a WPGA graduate meets our admission requirements, they may be given priority. This is not a guaranteed placement, however, since every child’s learning profile is unique and availability may be restricted in many grades.

English Language Proficiency
WPGA does not provide ESL or ELL classes. Children must be proficient in English language skills to attend.

Admission to WPGA
Admission to WPGA is competitive and is based on the strength of the application, supporting documentation, assessments, interviews, space availability, and the composition of the cohort. We seek to enrol students and families who demonstrate the interest and ability to contribute to our school’s mission of "Shaping Lives of Inquiry, Action and Joy." 
No Gifts Policy
The West Point Grey Academy Enrolment Office has a no-gifts policy. We respect the gesture of appreciation; however, we do not accept donations/gifts of any kind from prospective families.

West Point Grey Academy招生办有不收礼物的规章制度。本校非常感谢申请者对学校的敬意,但我校不接受任何申请者家庭的捐献与馈赠。