Senior Music Program

WPGA's senior music program includes choral, concert band, jazz band and strings electives. The choral program focuses on music literacy and skill refinement, with increasingly complex aural and vocal processes.

The concert band program progresses in instrument technique and performance competencies, with students developing advanced skills in music interpretation and design, performance analysis, sectional direction, and conducting.

The orchestral strings program develops music literacy and performance skills in chamber orchestra and small ensemble environments, and includes a range of music styles. Jazz band electives from grade 11 incorporate various jazz styles; a performance elective in grade 11 offers guided independent study for high-level musicianship. Private instruction is also offered. 

  • Choral 8, 9, 10/12 
  • Band 8, 9, 10/12 
  • Orchestral Strings 8, 9, 10/12 
  • AP Music 
  • Jazz Performance II
  • Independent Directed Studies 
Ensemble Opportunities
  • Concert Choir 
  • Chamber Choir 
  • Concert Band 
  • Wolfgang Chamber Orchestra (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • Pops Orchestra (all strings)
  • Jazz Band 
  • Jazz Combo 
  • Small Ensemble 
Performance Opportunities, Adjudicated Festivals and Educational Trips 
  • Winter and Spring School Music Concerts  
  • Participation in Kiwanis Music Festival and annual retreat/festival 
  • Annual Clive Austin Solo Music Competition 
  • National and international tours where students train with professional musicians, enrich their music learning in cultural and historical contexts, and experience a range of performance environments