Ocean Ambassadors

By Bella Wood, Emma Aranda and Vivian Liu, Grade 6

Recently, the grade 6 students had the opportunity to go on a trip to the beach, where we went paddleboarding with Ocean Ambassadors to learn about the effect pollution has on our oceans. Each grade 6 class went on a different day: 6AT went April 20, 6DC went April 27 and 6AR went May 25. We split into two groups; one learned about water pollution while the other one went paddleboarding. After lunch, the groups switched.

The first group consisted of students who were new to paddleboarding or had little paddleboarding experience. We started out learning about paddleboarding techniques and then had the chance to go out on the water and paddleboard. The second group, made up of more experienced paddleboarders, started out learning about the effect pollution has on our oceans. This group learned about ocean currents and making garbage islands. The groups switched after having lunch together.

We also split into groups and pretended to be a group of scientists, a group of businesspeople, and the government. Then we staged a “press conference” and presented our ideas on how to combat pollution to our classmates. Many students had thoughtful ideas on how to reduce our global footprint.

We had a great time at the beach and learned a lot about the impact we have on our Earth. We hope that you also think about the impact that you have as well!