Empowerment Course

By Ms. Kirsten Bowles, Junior School Counsellor

Last week, grade 6 students completed the last session of their Empowerment Course, a series of three sessions focused on developing awareness and skills in emotion, healthy relationships and personal boundaries. Click
here for topic information. 

In small, gender-specific groups, students worked with facilitators from Peace Portal Counselling CentreHomeroom teachers also participated in the sessions, offering insights and support tools for ongoing student dialogue. 
Following the sessions, students provided anonymous feedback on the course, which will help us assess the course relevance and student learning.

Our sincere thanks to the Shaping Lives Fund for supporting this initiative and for bringing social-emotional learning opportunities into the classrooms, which foster self-awareness, improve peer interactions and empower our community! We look forward to running the course this spring with our grade 5 students.