CAIS Student Leadership Conference

By Ms. Jenise Boland, Social Studies Teacher

This week five grade 10 students ventured “overseas” to Shawnigan Lake School for the 2019 CAIS Senior Student Leadership Conference, which brought together 120 student leaders and 35 teacher advisors from across the country. Such diversity appealed to Hannah Trotman, who remarked, “Leadership does not have a definition. There are many different ways to be a leader, and both extroversion and introversion work in different situations." 

Students gleaned important takeaways from keynote speakers, including Val Litwin, President and CEO of BC Chamber of Commerce; Fiona Macfarlane, Chief Inclusiveness Officer and BC Managing Partner at Ernst & Young Canada; and Ruddy Ndina, a civil engineer at Kiewit Corporation and an activist trying to rehabilitate and enhance the infrastructural landscape in Africa.

Ethan Jasny and Jenna Lam resonated with the conference message: “Find your purpose. Passions can change or be impractical, but purposes are what bring out the best in you and make you the best possible person/leader.” Arthur Chen and Justin Jia shared the takeaway message of “Be hard on the problem, not the person.”