Youth & Philanthropy Initiative

By Jiayi Li ’19, Service Council  
In our Career Education class, grades 10 and 11 students participate every year in Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI), an organization that connects “high school students to social issues, local charities, and philanthropy.” For the last month, students have been researching, connecting with, and presenting a nonprofit organization located in the Greater Vancouver Area. (Presentations were judged in class by a panel of teachers and staff.) The six finalist groups will present their organizations at an assembly May 13, when the winning group will receive $5,000 for their charity.
Here are four of the finalist groups and their causes:
Canuck Place
Julia, Ellie, Marcus, Mason, Bella and Jeremy have been connecting with Canuck Place, a children’s hospice they fell in love with. Canuck Place is the only free-standing children’s hospice in British Columbia, and is a place for families with terminally ill children to go for medical care, rest, and a sense of community.
Kettle Society
Abhi, Juliet, Daisy and Avrel are presenting the Kettle Society, an organization in the Downtown Eastisde focused on mental health. Kettle Society has various programs directed toward getting homeless people off the streets, including providing job opportunities and mental health services. They also offer assistance in filing and filling out housing applications; supportive housing; a meal program; and a mental health drop-in program.
Watari Counselling & Support Services Society
Davis, Maia, Terry, and Natassia are representing the Watari Counselling and Support Services Society, an organization located in the Downtown Eastside that provides counselling to those struggling with substance misuse, mental health, and lack of food and shelter. The group thinks Watari is a great organization because of the variety of issues they address. 
Heart & Stroke Foundation
Emie, Bronwyn, Daniel, Henry and Michelle will present the Heart and Stroke Foundation. This organization is a leading funder of life-saving research that has led to scientific breakthroughs such as heart transplant surgery and a stroke treatment that reduces mortality rate by 50%. The Foundation promotes heart disease prevention and invests in life-saving research.

Support your peers and learn more about these community initiatives by attending the assembly on May 13: 11am in the main gym!