Junior School Service: 2018–2019 Year at a Glance

By Ms. Molly Young, Junior School Service Director

Service Mission Statement: To empower students with the understanding that they can make a difference in the world through their own actions.

Guiding Principles:
The community service pillar is centered around the core belief that creating opportunities for students to be thoughtfully and compassionately involved in the world around them is a key element in a meaningful education.

The main goals of any service initiative should focus on educating and inspiring children to get personally involved in effecting positive change. From time to time, service and outreach initiatives are able to be enhanced by fundraising. It is important that fundraising for community service projects, distinct from general school fundraising, aligns with the values and goals of our service program. Fundraising will only take place when it is student driven and helps to develop young leaders who are passionate about service.

We will continue to foster compassion, thoughtfulness, and passion for service in our students. As leaders of tomorrow, they offer tremendous hope for a world anchored in empathy and understanding.

September 2018
• Grades 6/7 Introduction to the Service Recognition Program (all year): Students document, track and record their service and outreach at WPGA.
• Grade 6 Volunteers (all year): Students signed up for weekly primary crosswalk duty at recess and lunch.
• Terry Fox Run (September 14): Children learned about Terry Fox at their grade levels and during a student-led assembly, where Terry’s niece Kirsten Fox was a guest speaker. Students were invited to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation. Amount raised: $2,014.90 (both schools)
*Over the past 18 years, WPGA has raised $122,529.53 for the Terry Fox Foundation.
• Gardening Club (all year): The Gardening Club includes any grades 1-7 students interested in helping in the primary teaching garden.
• Backpack Buddies Club (all year): The grade 6 classes committed to making 25 bags of food (containing about 7 meals) biweekly.
• Difference Makers Club (all year): The Difference Makers Club includes grades 2-7 students who want to make a difference in our school community.
• Orange Shirt Day (September 25-October 1): Students honoured Orange Shirt Day, which focuses on education and awareness about residential schools in Canada. This was taught by our librarians (JK–3), social studies teachers (grades 4/5), and during a student-led assembly (grades 6/7), where Ms. Diamond Point ’12 spoke about reconciliation.

October 2018
• 5th Annual Great WPGA Daffodil Planting (Oct/Nov): Students planted a daffodil or tulip bulb in science classes. Bulbs will flower the spring. To date, 4,000 bulbs have been planted in the junior/senior schools.
• Going Green for Halloween (October 31): Students were encouraged to wear recycled, borrowed and/or homemade costumes. During the Halloween assembly, those sporting “green” costumes participated in a special parade and were given five house points and a treat.

November 2018
• Difference Makers: Students made bird houses.
• Kidsafe Presentation (November 30): Kidsafe presented to grade 5 students. They discussed child poverty in Vancouver and how Kidsafe helps many at-risk children.

December 2018
• Holiday Hampers: The Junior School created 22 holiday hampers for families at Seymour School (over 110 boxes were donated to the school and families). Each family received a $100 Superstore gift card, a bag of Nature’s Path foods, and many gift cards, clothing, household items and cleaning supplies.
Seymour School is a Kidsafe site and receives our Backpack Buddies meal bags. JK-5 and 6AS homerooms were each assigned a family; grades 6/7 collected supplies for the school (Kleenex, Band-Aids, socks, underwear, games, art supplies, lice kits, books, diapers, clothing). Eight boxes of books were donated to the Seymour library.
• Toonie Sale (December 13/14): Toonie Sale proceeds ($5,377.95) went to the Kidsafe holiday skating party along with 400 loot bags.
• Unclaimed Lost and Found Items to Seymour School: Unclaimed Lost and Found items in great condition were washed and delivered to Seymour School.
• Kidsafe Wrapping Party (December 17): WPGA staff wrapped presents for Kidsafe’s skating party.

January 2019
• Students raised salmon, from chum to fry stages, in the Learning Commons between January and April. In April, students released them into Spanish Banks Creek.

February 2019
• Dress Red Day (February 14): Funds from Dress Red Day supported sending a child in need of financial aid to Camp Summit. Amount Raised: $966.05
• Tulips: Over 300 cut tulips were planted around the Junior School. Funding for the flowers came from the Shaping Lives Fund.

March 2019
• Grade 1 Water Catchment Project
Planning began for the water catchment system over the covered bike rack. Captured water will be used to water the teaching gardens.

April 2019
• Teaching Gardens: JK-2 planted and grew seeds in their classrooms; some were later planted in the teaching gardens.
• Grade 1 Water Catchment: A water catchment system was built over the bike racks. Grade 1 students helped to build and design this project. They also learned about water conservation and sustainability.

May 2019
Earth Month: Our Earth Month theme was Wonderful Water. At our assembly May 1, students presented along with a guest speaker from Ocean Ambassadors.
• Jeans Day (May 2): Students were invited to wear jeans and donate to BC Children’s Hospital. Amount raised (both schools): $1,396.25
• Ocean Ambassadors: The grade 6 classes each went to Jericho Beach with Ocean Ambassadors to learn about the effects of plastics on our oceans—and paddle boarded! On May16, visiting students from Haida Gwaii joined the field trip.
• Biker’s Breakfast (May 31): Families cycled to school and enjoyed complimentary breakfast and a bike tune-up.
• Logan’s Gutsy Walk (May 31): Students were invited to wear casual clothes and make a donation to raise awareness/funds for Crohn’s and Colitis (and to support Logan Huttunen ’24, Honourary Co-Chair for the Gutsy Walk). Amount Raised: $1,400
• Camp Summit (May 8-10): Grades 3-5 students learned about food waste and sustainability at Camp Summit; the grade 5s worked with firefighters to clear the underbrush in preparation for dry summer months.
• Bee Sanctuary: We introduced our WPGA Bee Sanctuary on campus.
• Difference Maker’s Water Walk (May 22): The Difference Maker’s Club organized a “water walk,” which aimed to educate students about water scarcity around the world. Students carried buckets around the campus and then watered the gardens.

June 2019
• Race for the Kids: Over 160 people joined our WPGA team at Race for the Kids, a fundraising event for BC Children’s Hospital.
• Grade 2 Market Day (June 6): As part of their financial literacy unit, the grade 2s practiced financial transactions by selling homemade crafts. Proceeds will be donated to the Raincoast Conservation Society.
• Grade 5 Entrepreneurial Fair (June 12): The grade 5 classes created and sold products, donating the proceeds to charities of their choosing.
• Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up (June 11): JK-7 students clean up Jericho Beach, as part of the annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (this is our 6th year).
• Unclaimed Lost and Found Items to Seymour School (June 13): Unclaimed Lost and Found items will be washed and delivered to Seymour School.