Junior School Athletic Recap 2018-2019

By Mr. Mark Wong, Junior School Athletic Director

It was an outstanding year for Junior Wolves Athletics. Below are highlights of each term.

Term 1: Boys Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball
The 2018-2019 athletic season got off to a great start with the WPGA Cross Country Trail Run in October, when our runners dominated our campus trail! In October, the boys U13 soccer team competed at the CAIS U13 Soccer Championships at Holy Trinity School in Ontario, where they tied for 3rd (of 18 teams). A few days later, they were finalists at the ISEA U13 Boys Soccer Championships in Vancouver. At the end of October, our cross country team, one of the largest in the province, competed at the ISEA Cross Country Championships at Jericho Park, where our teams placed 2nd (girls) and 2nd (boys)—another excellent finish!

Wolves volleyball also had an amazing season. The grade 7A team finished off the year with 3rd place at the Grade 7 ISEA Volleyball Championships.

Term 2: Basketball, Swimming
It was all about basketball and swimming in Term 2. At the ISEA Basketball Championships, both boys and girls teams finished with 4th place. We are looking forward to another fantastic season of basketball next year! The Wolves swim team also performed extremely well, with the girls team placing 2nd overall in the girls championship and the boys placing 2nd at the ISEA Swim Championships.

Term 3: Track and Field, Golf, Girls Soccer
The year concluded with very busy track and field, golf, and girls soccer seasons. Our 225-member track team competed in four large meets with excellent results. At the ISEA Championships, the boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 3rd. At the BC Elementary Championships, the girls and boys teams placed 3rd and 2nd, with the team finishing 3rd overall.

Our U13 Division I and II girls soccer teams had great seasons, too. The Division I team captured 1st and the Division II team 3rd at the ISEA Soccer Championships.

Our junior golf program continues to grow, with 30 golfers in grades 6 and 7. It's been amazing to watch their development and we looking forward to their continued progress in our varsity program.

Overall, Wolves Athletics had a fantastic year. We are so proud of the high level of skill, dedication and participation among our athletes and coaches, and thank our community for supporting our athletics program and teams.

Lastly, a tremendous thank-you to all our coaches, who put countless hours’ time and energy into coaching our athletes. #thankscoach

Have a safe, wonderful summer. See you in September!

2018–2019 Athletic Highlights

  • ISEA Girls Cross Country – 2nd; Head Coach: Ms. Wright
  • ISEA Boys Cross Country – 2nd
  • ISEA Boys Division I Soccer – 2nd; Coach: Mr. Ross
  • ISEA Girls Volleyball – 3rd; Coach: Ms. Neil
  • ISEA Girls Swimming – 2nd; Coach: Mr. Read
  • ISEA Boys Swimming – 2nd; Coach: Mr. Read
  • ISEA Boys Basketball- 4th; Coach: Mr. LaRizza
  • ISEA Girls Basketball- 4th: Coach: Ms. Kwan
  • ISEA Grade 7 Div. I Girls Soccer – 1st; Coach: Mr. Ross
  • ISEA Grade 7 Div. II Girls Soccer – 3rd; Coach: Ms. Richardson
  • BC Elementary Track & Field Overall – 3rd; Coach: Ms. Sanderson
  • BC Elementary Track & Field Boys – 2nd
  • BC Elementary Track & Field Girls – 3rd
  • ISEA Track & Field Overall Boys – 2nd
  • ISEA Track & Field Overall Girls – 3rd