Climate Change Flash Music Mob

By Alden Chau ‘22

It was an eye-opening experience for me last Thursday! 

On September 26, Ms. Goddard brought three strings players, Kareen, Kiara and me, to participate in a musical flash mob outside the Downtown Vancouver Public Library, along with many other professional musicians from all over the Lower Mainland. The event was to raise awareness about climate change. Together we performed Beethoven’s iconic "Ode to Joy" with a full complement of choirs, brass, strings and percussionists. The amazing part was that there were no group rehearsals prior to the performance, and we still managed to sound as if we were a unified force. It was really enjoyable to watch the audience’s reactions as a seemingly endless stream of musicians kept joining the orchestra. You could definitely sense the excitement of the crowd as the orchestra and opera singers grew and grew in volume.

To sum up the feeling of participating in this flash mob, I remember thinking to myself after the performance: “Wow, I just did something that I would have never expected myself to do.” As a musician, this flash mob opportunity was an incredible way for me to express my own concerns about global warming in an individual way.

Special thanks to Ms. Goddard for her tireless efforts in ensuring that we could participate in this significant event. None of this would have been possible without her diligent undertaking!