Shaping Lives Fund Enriches Early Literacy

By Ms. Rebecca Kerbel, Director of Advancement

Your donations to the Shaping Lives Fund in 2018-2019 have enhanced our early literacy program, as we were able to invest in a 3-day professional development session with renowned literacy expert Nancy Young, author of Secret Code Actions.

Ms. Young met with grades 1, 2 and 3 teaching teams for a day each to create development plans based on their specific sequence and to ensure we are meeting student needs. As a result of the session, the grade 1 teaching team introduced Elkonin boxes in their spelling check-ups and incorporated a multisensory home reading program. Grade 2 teachers explored Secret Code Actions and how to use these in their teaching, and grade 3 teachers launched Word Work Centres, which develop spelling patterns, etymology and morphology. Ms. Young also ran professional development sessions for all teachers, addressing student spelling, reading practices and self-analysis.

Impactful changes from these three days included:
  • Development of grade 1 home reading program
  • Structure and teaching of grade 3 Word Work
  • All teachers staying informed of best practices and research in literacy development
“Teacher education is of the highest importance when it comes to best practices in teaching and learning. Our three days with Nancy Young increased our knowledge and expertise, which positively impacts student learning. Thank you for supporting early literacy through the Shaping Lives Fund.” -- Karen Melville, Junior School Skills Specialist.

Please support our Shaping Lives Fund—our goal is 100% family participation in 2019-2020. If you have any questions about the Fund or about giving at WPGA, contact Rebecca Kerbel, Director of Advancement.