7-23-40: November Math Competitions

By Mr. Bruce Ito, Head of Senior Math 
7-23-40. Your locker combo? Code to unlock your iPhone? First three numbers for a winning ticket in Lotto 649? Nope! In the month of November, WPGA mathletes competed in three important math competitions. Seven students challenged themselves in the prestigious Canadian Open Math Competition, affectionately known as COMC. Twenty-three students tested their skills in the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Competition (CIMC). Forty students participated in the American Math Competition (AMC 8) for students in grades 7 and 8.

Noteworthy participants included Bill Wang '22 (COMC, CIMC), Allen Hu '23 (COMC, CIMC), Edward Gao '24 (CIMC, AMC 8) and Anderson Gao '24 (CIMC, AMC 8).

With the support of Ms. Findlay and Ms. Ovenell-Carter, over half of AMC 8 competitors were from grade 7. We look forward to receiving the results from these organizations in December. In the meantime, congratulations to our math community for having such great interest in math enrichment this month. (If your locker combo or iPhone code is 7-23-40, maybe you should change it!)