Gateway Program (Mexico) Students Have Arrived!

By Ms. Alexia Guillois, Head of Languages, Senior School 

Our exchange students from Mexico have arrived! As part of our new Gateway Program, exchange students Diego, Mariana and Ricardo from Collegio Williams in Cuarnavaca, Mexico, arrived in Vancouver on January 18 and started at WPGA this past Monday. Their arrival follows months of preparation, online student exchanges, and blogging with their WPGA peers. You might see our new arrivals in the hallways wearing their own school uniforms (with our WPGA blazers, as it is much cooler here!). Diego is staying with Sam Anthony ’23, Mariana is staying with Michelle Lin ’23 and Ricardo is staying with Arman Kassam ’23 until they return to Mexico on February 16.
Sam, Michelle and Arman will be staying with their respective exchange students’ families in Mexico March 1-28 and attending Collegio Williams. Señora Colleen Marte, Spanish teacher and Gateway (Mexico) Coordinator, will be taking them there.
WPGA students participating in the Gateway (France) Program arrived in France on January 11 and will be staying until Spring Break. They are staying with their French peer’s family and attending Lycée Raoul Vadepied in Evron. Check out their blog for updates! (As a side note, the blog received 2155 visitors from the UK, Japan, Mexico, US, China, Sweden, Canada and France in 2019.)