Science Speaker Series Launches February 20

By Mr. Tom Harding, Head of Science, Senior School
In the science department, we are exploring the applied nature of science through current innovation and research, and creating experiences where students can potentially imagine themselves in an interdisciplinary, science-inspired field. To help students imagine such a future, we are launching a speaker series, made possible with funding from the Shaping Lives Fund.
Our first session is for grades 6-9 students on Thursday, February 20, 2:30pm-3:30pm in the Upper Gym, and features Steven Rechtschaffner, Chief Creative Officer and founder of SuperNatural Games, a highly successful tech company. Parents are welcome to attend.
Another speaker session is scheduled for May or June, with two more slated for fall 2020. Sessions will feature speakers excelling in areas such as biotech, research and environmental sciences.
Stay tuned to the Howl for details!