Career Education 11 Speaker Events

By Ms. Danielle Garinger, Career Education Teacher

This week our Career Education 11 classes engaged in a virtual session with Odd Squad Productions Society, a group of police officers who team up with educators, medical experts and drug addicts to inform youth of the risks of substance use.
Students found the presentation enlightening and educational: 

“I found the Odd Squad presentation interesting because it showed me another side of the city we live in . . . I was moved by the fact that there are so many people living this lifestyle."

"The intensity of the presentation showed us firsthand the consequences of substance abuse and how they truly can take over your life. Furthermore, the presentation was unique in that it changed my perception of drug addicts. The societal stigma attached to them makes them out to be horrible, violent people. But when they were asked if they could be filmed to help youth, they were all for it. That really resonated with me.”

Career Education 11 also hosted a virtual guest speaker series 
May 5 and May 7, when professionals in a variety of industries, including law, business and healthcare, met with students to share their career paths and industry insights. 

This was a great opportunity for students to learn more about a career of interest and the education and experiences they may want to pursue to achieve a particular career. 
Student feedback:
It is a very interesting profession! I have always had a passion for international relations, and this was a great way to learn more about it from two very experienced and knowledgable diplomats. The variety of tasks they are responsible for along with the incredible travel diversity makes it seem like a very exciting career.
“I really enjoyed learning the medical perspective and his personal experience. I found it interesting that he decided to go to medical school because he really liked sciences; however, he did not know much about the journey through medical school beforehand. I also enjoyed hearing about how the medical professionals at Vancouver General Hospital are handling COVID-19. I got to see their personal protective equipment, including huge face masks, and learn about an anesthesiologist's role within the medical community.”