International AI Collaboration During COVID-19

By Dr. Peter Holowka, Director of Education Technology, Senior School 
A central tenet of life at WPGA is future-focused learning. WPGA strives to prepare students for
the future with authentic educational experiences that fully embrace current and emerging technologies. These emerging technologies include artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous vehicles.

WPGA students recently collaborated with students from Bahçeşehir Koleji in Istanbul, Turkey on a self-driving car project. This collaboration began at a conference I attended at Oxford University earlier this year and continued despite COVID-19 lockdowns. It is a wonderful story of students working together using cloud computing and machine learning in a way that transcended distance, borders and cultures.  
This exciting work caught the attention of John Daly of CKNW 980. The full CKNW interview is available here.  
Student video reflections on this project, both from WPGA and Istanbul, are viewable here