Quiz Team Taking Care of Quizness

By Mr. Andrew Bendl, Head of Social Studies, Senior School 

Our senior quiz team, consisting of grade 11 quiz buffs Alden Chau, Julia Huber, Logan Higgins, Kai Lee, Kyle Morrison and Bill Wang, is back in action! They’ve been spending their Saturday mornings competing in the International History Bee and Bowl Competition. Unfortunately, they were knocked out in the Canadian quarterfinals but finished 7th in the country. C'est la vie.

They are staging a comeback with their School Reach (Reach for the Top) league. In their first match, they competed against a strong grade 12 team from North Surrey and pulled off a tie; Bill Wang took the first game with a sudden death question. What was the question, you ask?: "A scatterplot has a very strong negative correlation. What integer is the coefficient of correlation closest to?” (Answer: -1.)  

Quiz club practice takes place for the grade 11 cohort in room 013 every Wednesday at lunch, and everyone in grade 11 is welcome. The grade 9 cohort practices in room 022W every Friday at lunch. The grade 9 team includes Ava Joah, Edward Gao, Calvin Liu, Avi Katz, Henry Lo, Emma Aranda and Ashwin Singhal.