Heartfelt Holiday Letters to a Stranger

By Ms. Kirsten Bowles, Junior School Counsellor 

Social responsibility is the theme in C.A.R.E. this month, and perhaps never before have we had more relevant circumstances in which to exercise it.

Despite the egocentrism that typifies adolescence, our children are capable of tremendous empathy and perspective. In grades 6 and 7, we have been talking about the historic significance of this pandemic. The students were drawn out of their own myopic experience into the world view, and their perspective included that of our most vulnerableour senior citizensas they face what will be, for many, an especially lonely and uncertain time of year.

The students put thought and heart into writing letters to residents of Crofton Manor, who will receive their messages of encouragement and hope as they approach a very different holiday season that may not include visits from family and friends. 

It was a pleasure to have this rich dialogue with the students, and a privilege to read their messages, so filled with empathy, gentleness and kindness.