Virtual Reality Science Fair

By Mr. Matthew Mah, Head of Education Technology, Junior School 

How can you encourage peer and community interaction when you can’t physically visit each other? You go virtual!

The Junior School has been experimenting with ways to connect with our peers and community inside and outside the school. Grade 7 students spent many hours developing their science fair projects as a physical tri-fold display. They were placed in the west tent for display and classes had the opportunity to sign-up for a reserved time. As a concluding add-on, students considered how they could share their tri-folds beyond our school grounds to a wider community through virtual reality (VR) technology.

What virtual elements could they develop to take advantage of the opportunities a 3D interactive VR environment could bring? VR can offer a more intimate presentation instead of static 2D slide decks. You may be able to roam between rooms randomly rather a pre-defined path, walk closer to a photo to see detail, interact with coded elements or take an interactive quiz. To visit their VR environments, click here