Beach Day for Backpack Buddies

By Rose Finlayson and Ayla Fielding, 6EP

On Friday, June 4, the entire Junior School participated in a beach wear day to support the Backpack Buddies charity. Every student was encouraged to bring a donation of $2-$5 to help children in need. We raised $1,528.90 thanks to all of our generous donations.

Backpack Buddies is an organization that helps children living with food insecurities. When these children go home on the weekend, they might not know where their next meal is coming from. Backpack Buddies gives each child a backpack filled with nutritious, ready-to-eat, nonperishable, familiar foods to bring home on the weekend for them and their families. Your donations will help 2,000 kids over the summer receive nine meals in their weekly backpack!

Backpack Buddies was started in 2012, when a mother-daughter team had an idea: What if we could build a community that not only brings people together but also helps to solve a global problem, childhood hunger? Since then, Backpack Buddies has grown and has helped children all over BC, and it will hopefully continue to grow as a nonprofit organization. Just last year alone, Backpack Buddies distributed almost 50,000 backpacks to children in need. 

Thank you, WPGA!