Bees & Honey Update

By our Beekeepers at Alveole

See below what's happening in our beehive these days! 

In addition to nectar and pollen, the forager bees are out collecting tree sap. They mix this candy apple red with their beeswax and turn into a special glue called propolis. Propolis has incredible antiseptic properties, helping the bees protect their hive from viruses and bacteria. They also use propolis to seal the hive and cover up any tiny cracks that might let a cold draft in! Essentially, it is the colonies' first step to insulating the hive for the colder months, therefore we do our best to disturb them as little as possible over the upcoming weeks.

Today we gave them one last boost of food before the change of season. We are feeding them a sugar syrup along with a blend of essential oils and vitamins called "honey bee healthy"! This mixture ensures our honeybees have happy tummies and that they have good gut health heading into the winter months.