Spanish Club Celebrates Four Years with Project Somos

By Jenny Jia '23 and Michelle Lin '23 

¡Hola a todos! 

Jenny: Thanks to Señora Marte, Project Somos and some eager members, Spanish Club is up and running in full swing for its fourth year! Every Wednesday at lunch, Spanish students in grades 8 to 11 buddy up with young students in Guatemala with the mission to engage in immersive language exchanges. Our small but persistent team of 10 students is paired with five Guatemalan children: Kenny, Mishel, Meily, Any and Edgar. There’s a new theme each week—greetings, dates, the weather . . . you name it, we teach it. From conversations and whiteboard games to “repeat after me,” our lessons are crafted with care by Michelle Lin ‘23, student lead of Spanish Club. Michelle was gracious enough to supply four laptops for the kids to use so they can practice their typing skills, referring to Khan Academy for guidance when needed.

Michelle: Recently, we were able to fund five new iPads for students! Special thanks to Jenny Jia ‘23 for her donation—her generous supply of fourth-generation Airs will certainly be an upgrade from Project Somos’ iPad 1s. Jenny’s eagerness to help the club has been beyond wonderful. She brings new ideas and teaching approaches that we cannot wait to integrate into the curriculum. It looks like it will be an educational year where we can put our knowledge and resources to good use by helping our little learners. Even though we live on the other side of the globe, nothing can stop passionate students from endeavouring to teach English in engaging ways. Despite the occasional Internet breakdown, the laughter, smiles and enthusiasm for English education never ends! 

Although we may be 5,967 kilometres away, the friendships are sincere, and we embrace the love. We look forward to a fruitful year of memory-making with our amazing amigos!