Uniforms in Action: Uniform Drive

First-Ever PVG Preloved Uniform Drive
By Cylena Stern, Victoria Bonn & Sarah Hudson, PVG Apparel Committee Chairs 
The PVG is hosting its first-ever Uniforms in Action drive! Clear out old uniforms from the closets and drawers! This school-wide event is an opportunity to celebrate our commitment to sustainability.
This drive has TWO components:
Uniform Donations: May 18 & 19, 8am-8:45am 
  • Drop-off locations: Lower 4th Avenue lot and 8th Avenue lot. JK/K can bring items to their classroom.
  • Drop off uniform items from this list.  For every donation of a blazer or tunic, you will receive a coupon to pick out a more appropriate-sized blazer or tunic on the date of the sale at no cost (subject to availability). 
  • Items must be clean and in good pre-loved condition. No stains, holes or tears, please. 
Uniforms in ACTION: May 26 & 27, 3pm-4pm 
  • Location: JS Basketball Court tents
  • All proceeds from the sale will go directly to programs funded by the PVG. We are accepting cash only!
Please be mindful that each piece of clothing has led a previous life filled with WPGA spirit and may tell its story through minor imperfections. By purchasing a uniform from the sale, you choose to continue its narrative and make a positive choice for the environment!

If you have any questions, please contact Cylena Stern