Campus Clean-up Recap

By Kaylin Lam and Jenna Mah, 7HK

On Thursday, May 5, JK to grade 7 students took part in our first-ever WPGA Campus Clean-up. The day before, there was an assembly for Earth Month, and students learned about the earth and how much litter we leave in our environment every day. In homerooms, we discussed this topic further and played a digital sorting game to help prepare for the clean-up. Each class was given a set of bags: one for compost, one for recycling, and one for garbage. They were also each responsible for one area of our campus.

The day of the Campus Clean-up, it was raining quite a lot. However, everyone worked hard and the results were extremely rewarding! Four grade 7 leaders, positioned at the front of the school, were in charge of collecting all the bags filled with garbage collected by the different classes. The majority of the bags they received were completely stuffed with litter.

The most common items collected were drinking containers and single-use plastics, like granola bar wrappers. There were also many interesting finds, such as dining hall plates, a broken ping pong ball, a driver’s sign, car/house keys, drill batteries, a USB, underwear, locks, a broken umbrella, and a small box with diary notes. All this shows us how we should always aim to reduce the amount of litter on our beautiful campus!