Run for Ukraine: The Full Story

By Adrian Lu '27 and Adriana Wertz '27 

As many of you know, there is currently a war between Russia and Ukraine. There are many theories about how this war will turn out, but the most important thing is that there are people who need our help. On April 29, with the help of Adrian Lu '27 and Sophia Lu '25 (and their parents and grandparents), WPGA organized the Run for Ukraine fundraiser, where students and their families donated to support families in Ukraine. Adrian’s grandparents arrived from Ukraine recently and were thrilled about about the show of support. “We raised a lot of money, and everyone in my family was in shock at how supportive it was,” said Adrian.

Preparing for the run was a gargantuan undertaking. It all started with sponsor sheets being sent home, and announcements every day from Adrian Lu and Luke Wagner. Many students volunteered to make pins for the run, spending recesses helping with the production of more than 600 pins. The run was a smashing success, with students running around the track and raising money and awareness. It was inspiring to see the support and effort! 

We raised a whopping $33,000, and all of it will be sent to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, who will be using it to support Ukrainians in need. Thank you to all participants and donors—it was amazing to have you all come and support Ukraine the way you did. It is important to help, and even a small donation can make a difference!