Grade 2 Math Literacy & Musqueam Weaving

By Ms. Debbie Edge, Grade 2 Teacher

In grade 2, we have focused on learning different types of patterns over the past few months – growing patterns, shrinking patterns, number patterns, patterns on a hundred square and more. We furthered our learning by exploring local Musqueam artforms; using our knowledge of patterning in math, we studied the Indigenous blankets, shawls and tapestries, and learned about prominent Musqueam weavers.

Each grade 2 student was then tasked with creating their own patterns on squared paper that was inspired by the weavings. Their work also demonstrated their individual understanding of patterning. We carefully coloured in individual squares, focusing on how their designs could grow and shrink, and how we would describe the rules of the patterns.

Together we will create a large display of our quilt squares to complete out project. Keep an eye out for them on display soon outside the grade 2 classrooms.