The Service Council delivers backpacks brimming with needed items to Project Backpack. Lachie T. and Alexandra H. of the Service Council

Project Backpack a Strapping Success

By Lachie T., Grade 12 Student

WPGA filled more than 30 backpacks with needed items for homeless youth in Vancouver. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
By Lachie T., Grade 12 Student

In early March, WPGA was fortunate once again to contribute to Project Backpack, an organization that provides essential living items for homeless youth in Vancouver--while showing them there are people who care about them. The ability of these young people to cope with the struggles of living on the streets is often dependent on the backpacks they receive.

Each advisory received backpacks to fill with items ranging from books to shampoo to snacks. During the second week of March, a Project Backpack representative visited WPGA and was hugely impressed by the sight of more than 30 bags, all stuffed with needed items.

The Service Council thanks each student and staff member who generously contributed their time, efforts and items to the backpacks! Their kindness and assistance is undoubtedly appreciated by those they are helping.