JK-7 Student-Led Sharing Sessions January 31

By Ms. Sarah Fast, Vice Principal, Learning, Junior School 

Our junior school student-led sharing sessions are Wednesday, January 31, 1pm-4pm. Please sign up at WolfNet > Resources > Student-Led Sharing Sessions.  As there are five sharing sessions per 20-minute time slot, sign up soon to book your preferred time. JK-7 will be dismissed at noon on January 31 (afterschool care will not be available).

For our annual sharing sessions, students share with parents their learning journey and the goals they have set. The sessions align with the provincial focus on reflective goal-setting and Core Competencies: the sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop to be lifelong learners.

Our midyear report, to be released March 15, will include student reflections that relate to these sessions and students' subsequent growth as well as a homeroom teacher comment. For intermediate grades, reports will include letter grades (grades 4-6) or percentages (grade 7). For all grades, the report is a thoughtful process that gives students ownership of their learning; the teacher’s role is to coach and support each child to be more self-reliant and aware of their learning strengths, challenges and goals. 

At WPGA, we have long implemented the philosophy embedded in the new curriculum, helping students set realistic goals for themselves and encouraging reflection to enhance learning and comprehension.