Literacy Detectives in Kindergarten and Grade 1

By Ms. Angela Allester and Ms. Karen Melville, Primary Literacy Program

In late January, Nancy Young, author of Secret Code Actions and Literacy Specialist (reading, spelling and writing) joined our kindergarten and grade 1 classes. Students acted as detectives in deciphering the code that makes up the English language. In interactive direct instruction, students paired sounds with an actions: shouting out “/b/ is for bat” while swinging their imaginary bats and knocking it out of the park! Their favourite was “/i/ is for iiiiiiiiiiiicky,” where they made hilarious faces and collapsed into giggles. Nancy’s approach makes for movement-filled and exciting literacy lessons!

Nancy has been working collaboratively with our primary teachers to redesign our literacy program to match the most current brain research on learning to read. She pairs her expertise and years of experience with the importance of movement in building engaging, structured literacy lessons. Our primary literacy program presents foundational literacy concepts in a way that allows for growth and progress of all of our students: it is a structured literacy program.

Our program includes the following:
  • Sounding (emphasis on phonemic awareness in kindergarten through grade 2)
  • Spelling
  • Word meaning
  • Writing (rules for written English)
These concepts are presented through explicit multisensory instruction that has children solidifying knowledge, demonstrating understanding and taking risks by playing games that focus on particular concepts.

If interested in knowing more, please connect with your child’s homeroom teacher.