Oppenheimer Park Outreach

By Aditi Katyal, Grade 11

On February 22, senior school students gathered in the dining hall at 7:15am to prepare sandwiches and pack fruit and cookies for our service trip to Oppenheimer Park on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. That afternoon, a group of grades 11 and 12 students went down to the park, accompanied by Mr. Pike, Ms. Breslin, Ms. Macintyre and Ms. Poole, to offer our packed lunches to those living near the park. Upon arrival, we set up our tables and instantly had people lining up for sandwiches. Many who stopped by showed immense gratitude, which was very rewarding for us, as our goal was for them to enjoy a nice meal.

It was my first time handing out sandwiches at Oppenheimer Park, and although I was nervous at first, once we arrived I was greeted by many individuals with friendly faces who just wanted to hear, “Hi, how are you?” or “Help yourself to a sandwich and hot chocolate.” It was great to see how offering a lunch could spark a smile and friendly conversation.  

Overall, this was a great experience for everyone involved and I can’t wait for the next opportunity!