We Are Family (in Shaping Lives)

By Mr. Stephen Anthony, Head of Senior School

Eight hours, nine hours, ten hours. Sometimes more, rarely less. Your children, our staff and occasionally some of you, as parent volunteers, spend that much time on any given day on our campus and in our buildings. When spending time in spaces that have been improved—through renovations and innovative learning resources—our personal levels of inquiry, action and joy are dramatically increased. It’s noticeable, it’s palpable, as evidenced every day in the happy faces of our students and staff.

We recently launched our annual Shaping Lives Fund for 2018–2019, and thank all those families and friends who have already contributed. In 2017–2018, with your donations, we raised $568,000 to provide our students and staff with the programs, resources and facility improvements that allow us to offer transformative learning experiences.

These experiences make WPGA the amazing place it is. Through our donors’ generosity, our students have access to programs such as Model United Nations, outdoor education and community service. Our film, science, and fine and performing arts programs further empower students to be their most creative selves.

WPGA is about community. We are family. The Shaping Lives Fund is about participation, with the goal of 100% family participation. Your tax-deductible gift, of any amount, becomes part of a greater pool of donations that has a significant impact on our students’ learning and educational experience. Speaking both as an educator and a parent, I invite you to join me in making a donation to the Shaping Lives Fund. This is an opportunity to grow our school, our community, our home.