At WPGA, our behaviours are guided by our core values, one being character driven, in that we model empathy and integrity as the basis for all our actions. In nurturing students' potential in all areas, we nurture their social and emotional growth, to inspire them to be compassionate citizens who care deeply about their peers, their communities and their own wellbeing.

Our junior school counsellors oversee our character education program, CARE (Citizenship, Attitude, Respect, Esteem), which begins in junior kindergarten and uses virtues-based themes for classroom lessons and discussions. CARE provides the script for healthy relationships and a growth mindset, which we endeavour to instill in children from a young age.  

In the senior school, empathy, inclusiveness and social justice are embedded into our service and leadership programs, which include dozens of local community initiatives each year and international outreach trips every Spring Break. 

Growth Mindset

Care Monthly Themes

September  Individuality
October  Friendliness
November  Responsibility
December  Compassion
January  Mindfulness
February  Acceptance
March/April  Courage
May  Leadership
June  Unity