Indigenous Education at WPGA

For over 20 years, WPGA has provided opportunities for students and teachers to explore Indigenous history and realities, including cultural practices, residential schools, the legacy of colonization, and the work required for meaningful Reconciliation. We are proud that many Musqueam students and families have chosen WPGA as their school, enriching and contributing greatly to our community.
In 2021, as part of our new Strategic Plan, we published the Indigenous Action Plan (IAP), which formalizes both our active and future commitments to Indigenous education, partnerships and families. The IAP is a long-term work in progress, and we are continually adding curricular initiatives and making space for new ideas and partnerships. We currently have two Indigenous Education Coordinators, members of the Musqueam Indian Band and Heiltsuk Nation, who oversee a vibrant and inclusive program in both Junior and Senior Schools. They teach Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12 and Weaving Together: Indigenous Education (grade 6 elective), respectively, and collaborate with teachers to deliver Indigenous curriculum that is authentic and age-appropriate. 

We look forward to continuing to work with the Nations, our school community, and Indigenous organizations to expand our programs—and our shared understanding of the path toward Reconciliation—for years to come.
    • Pole Raising Ceremony in Haida Gwaii, Fall 2022