Senior Visual Arts Program

From grade 8, visual arts courses focus on developing students’ artistic voice, technical skills, conceptual approaches to their work, and exposure to a variety of artistic techniques.

In grades 11 and 12, students can specialize in design electives such as Drafting 11 and 12. Our architecture courses are designed to give students hands-on practice in model building, hand drafting and computer software. AP Studio Art Drawing 12 and Art Careers 12 are offered to students who are considering pursuing an undergraduate degree in visual arts and design; these courses further develop a student’s artistic voice and help them create a portfolio of their work for submission to postsecondary institutions.

Our alumni have studied fashion design, industrial design and architecture at renowned institutions such as Parson’s, Parson’s Paris, University of Arts London, Rhode Island School of Design, Emily Carr, OCAD and SCI-arc.

Visual Arts 8, 9, 10
Art Foundations 11, 12
Studio Arts 11
Drawing and Painting
Architecture and Habitat Design 12
Art Careers 12
AP Studio Art Drawing 12 

Student Showcases

  • The Visual Arts Celebration during Arts Week in April is an opportunity for students to showcase their art to family and friends. Arts Week also features expert-led workshops in various artistic fields.  
  • The annual ISABC Art Show is a collaboration among independent schools in Vancouver and showcases senior students' artwork. 
  • Founded in 1999, our Student Gallery highlights selected K-12 artwork every year. One student's artwork from each grade is framed and represents the artistic accomplishments of their grade level.