Senior Theatre Arts Program

Our theatre arts program strengthens students' social awareness and knowledge, presentation skills, fluency of speech, confidence and self expression. In grades 8 and 9 electives, students study scene work, script writing, mime, improvisation, poetry and prose presentation, physical and vocal expression, and learning to be part of an ensemble. As students progress through the dramatic forms of expression, greater emphasis is on the individual's development as a creator, performer, producer and critic. Students in Theatre 11/12 perform in one-act plays and school performances throughout the year, focusing on mastery of acting techniques. 


  • Dramatic Arts 8 
  • Drama 9, 10 
  • Theatre Company 11/12 
Annual Theatre Production 
Every January, the senior drama department performs a full-scale theatre production, alternating between dramatic plays and musicals, at the Norman Rothstein Theatre. The theatre production is a highlight of the year for cast and crew, who start rehearsals in early fall.  

Additional Performance Opportunities
Each year students in grades 9 to 12 perform at the Vancouver Speech and Drama Festival in categories such as monologue, poem, prose, scene and speech. Students in Theatre 11/12 have the opportunity to take part in the V1STA One-Act Play Festival.