Physical Education

Big Ideas:
Provide students with a variety of foundational movement activities that develop their ABCs (agility, balance, coordination)the building blocks of movement. Through fun and imaginative play, children develop confidence, social and emotional skills, gross motor skills, and an understanding that an active lifestyle is important. Highlights include music and movement, ball skills, soccer, gymnastics, yoga, skipping, run jump throw, and cooperative games. *Daily PE classes 

Grade 1
Big Ideas: 
Develop children's fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, throwing) and promote the joy and benefits of daily physical activity through inclusive, collaborative sports and activities, many of which are outdoors. Highlights include ball skills, cooperative games, gymnastics, dance, soccer, run jump throw, skipping and tennis. *Daily PE classes 

Grade 2 
Big Ideas: Students continue to develop locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulative movement skills. By participating in inclusive, fun activities, children follow safe procedures, demonstrate teamwork and leadership, enjoy opportunities to be innovative and strategic, and understand the benefits of daily physical activity. Highlights include cooperative games, cross country, dance, gymnastics, soccer, ball skills, swimming, run jump throw, tennis and striking/fielding games. *Daily PE classes 

Grade 3
Big Ideas: By participating in inclusive, multisport activities, student develop and refine locomotor, nonlocomotor, manipulative and sport-specific movement skills, and enjoy the benefits of daily physical activity, including improved aerobic and strength fitness, coordination, cognition and mood. Highlights include soccer, volleyball, cross country, dance, gymnastics, basketball, run jump throw, tennis, swimming, and track and field. *Daily PE classes