Dominican Republic Service Trip

By Malika Agarwal ’18

Over Spring Break, 22 eager and determined grades 11 and 12 students travelled to the Dominican Republic to teach English to students at Outreach360’s learning centre in the disadvantaged community of Monte Cristi.

At the learning centre, we taught children of all ages, from boisterous kindergarten students in hot classrooms to grades 7 and 8 students outside in the warm Dominican breeze. At recess, we enjoyed getting to know our students outside the classroom setting, playing basketball, tag and other games. When not at the learning centre, we participated in fun cultural activities such as an evening dance class, where we learned to dance the merengue, and a baseball game with local student athletes. We had the opportunity to explore world views and lifestyles we had not been exposed to, and connected with the Dominican people, who welcomed us with open hearts and arms.

We are not likely to forget the lessons we learned on this trip, including feelings of deep empathy and gratitude for our education and our lives. These lessons are deeply ingrained in us now and we are forever grateful for this incredible experience in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you to Ms. Poole, Ms. Logher, Ms. Brenko and Mr. Haag for being such amazing chaperones and for being part of this journey every step of the way!