Students Taking Action!

By Kiara Wijanta, Emma Coonfer, Sophia Grant and Paige Rogers, Grade 6
This year Ms. Corcoran hosted Head of Junior School lunches, inviting students in grades 6 and 7 to have lunch with her to help her get feedback about changes or improvements we want to see at the school. She chatted so openly with us, and we felt trusted and relaxed. Over the years, we have noticed that she has taken all our ideas into careful consideration and has listened to our feedback, including what we like and don’t like about the school. Although not all of our ideas have been implemented, quite a few have been put into action.
One of our suggestions was to cover the play areas outside. After all, we get many months of rain in fall and winter, and that means drenched recesses. Sometimes it can be hard to go outside when it’s freezing cold, so we would appreciate having covered areas! 
Another thing we requested was warmer waterproof PE gear, since we spend more than half the school year outside practicing and competing in sport. On the note of PE gear, we suggested downsizing the gym bag, which takes up a fair amount of space (over 80%) in our lockers. This is why a number of students feel that it needs improvement. We look forward to future discussions and actions on new PE gear, PE bags and creating more coverage for our playgrounds.
More grade 6 ideas this year included having a “Casual Day.” Our first Casual Day in May not only allowed students to express themselves but it also supported the Gutsy Walk for Crohn's and Colitis. Our classmate Logan Huttunen has the disease and coordinated the school fundraiser. Our goal is to have more casual wear days to support Crohn's and Colitis research.
Another work in progress is the girls restroom on the second floor. Renovations will take place this summer. We also suggested new asphalt on the playground—it’s easier to play on and just looks better!
Overall, the school is asking students for their ideas, making improvements, and creating an environment for us to help shape the school. We love our school for many reasons and this is one of the reasons!