Whistler Choir Retreat

By Celina Liu ’19

Last weekend, the senior choir travelled to Whistler for a three-day retreat led by Mr. Frank Lee, an esteemed clinician and adjudicator who worked with our women’s choir last year and made a tremendous impact. Under his guidance, the choir learned more about our voices and what makes us unique as individuals. We explored colour and tone as well as worked on foundational skills. Apart from working on repertoire, the retreat was also a fantastic-team building experience. Both newcomers and seasoned members got the chance to get to know each other and strengthen relationships, which is a crucial aspect in improving the energy and dynamic when singing as an ensemble. The choir also learned some valuable lessons, such as the importance of discipline, punctuality and responsibility, and that learning is essential, regardless if one is a student or teacher.

Although choir members worked tirelessly to improve our singing skills and repertoire, the efforts of our teachers cannot be overlooked. Many thanks to Ms. Tovey—without her, our choir would not be the phenomenal team that it is. Thanks also to Mr. Lee, Mr. Anderson and everyone who made this trip possible. The upcoming performances will, without a doubt, be better than ever, so look forward to hearing the choir sing at the Winter Concert on December 12 at UBC’s Old Aud Theatre.