Dr. Nagarajan Brings Applied Mathematics to WPGA

By Mr. Bruce Ito, Head of Mathematics, Senior School
On November 2, we started a new series of math workshops led by Dr. Mahesh Nagarajan, who teaches at UBC Sauder School of Business. The purpose of these workshops is to present realistic situations in which we apply mathematics, with a focus on probability and statistics.
In the first workshop, Dr. Nagarajan gave students a set of data involving the number of loaves of bread sold over a 20-week span. He then asked students to predict the number sold in week 21. This was an excellent introduction to data analysis and probability. Click here to view the exact data students received.
We had an excellent turnout at the workshop and look forward to the second workshop November 30, when Dr. Nagarajan will again apply mathematics to a real-world problem.